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Oasis Equine Center is an equine fitness and rehabilitation center in Paso Robles, California. Our mission is to achieve peak performance for the equine athlete by using the most up-to-date, effective technologies and methods for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and physical fitness.  Our core values are innovation, passion, and excellence. We are dedicated to working closely with the owners, veterinarians, trainers, farriers, and other members of the team for each individual horse.


Here at Oasis Equine, we strive to provide the top tier of care for rehabilitating injuries and/or getting horses at a peak level of fitness for their discipline. We provide a place you can trust your horses will be cared for to the highest standards.

Oasis Equine is constantly searching for new and better ways to do things. We have competed at the professional level and understand what it takes to get there and stay there. We are life-long horsemen and are passionate and dedicated to what we do. We’ve attended the top equine rehab certification programs in the country and learned from the best veterinarians and physical therapists in the equine rehab industry. We continue to take referrals and consult these specialists on a variety of cases.


If you’re looking to find your edge through excellent fitness, nutrition, and recovery programs, we have what you need at the Oasis!

Phone: (225) 939 - 1308

             (805) 550 - 4925

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